omlox - the standard for locating technologies


omlox - the standard for locating technologies
Localization technologies are increasingly used in industrial manufacturing. Omlox is an open standard for precise real-time indoor localization system. It specifies open interfaces for an interoperable localization system that enable industry to use a single infrastructure with different applications from different providers. As the same infrastructure is used, it lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) enabling easy integration of different applications. One key trait of omlox is that it allows for cyber-physical facilitation, combining the integration of industrial software and hardware solutionsin one common ecosystem.
omlox enables unified access to location data
With the ability to integrate software such as Manufacturing Executive System (MES), asset tracking, and navigation with anti-collision, along with hardware such as drones, AGVs, and loading trucks within the domain of localization – omlox is setting a new benchmark in Industrie 4.0. Omlox enables interoperability and flexibility for different trackable providers within single or multiple tracking zones, which is achieved through two core components: omlox hub and omlox core zone.
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